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History of TAA

A group with the name “Tripolitans All Over The World” was started on Facebook during Spring of 2018. The Tripolitans group was instrumental in connecting around the globe of Tripolitan origin. The objective of the group initially was to unite and support the challenging social and developmental issues Tripoli has been facing. While the idea was a catalyst and the intent seemed genuine, the group quickly fragmented for different reasons.


Founder, TAA

"The future of our community is what drives us to do better every day" - Anonymous 

How and Why?

The founder of Tripoli Association of Atlanta, Nonprofit INC, Michael Halaby, who was involved with “Tripolitans All Over The World”, realized that in order for any organization to have a successful path, it needs to have rigorous rules and a transparent mission, governed by its organization Bylaws. Michael brought his nonprofit personal experience from Buckhead Rotary Club and applied a similar process with the Tripoli Association of Atlanta, INC which was aimed specifically to unite people around the organization through community events and activities. 

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Our Mission
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Founded & Launching

Tripoli Association of Atlanta “TAA” first idea was announced and launched on June 3rd 2018. TAA Board of Directors was formed with three officers: Michael Halaby (President & CEO), Zeina Moutraji (Secretary) and Jimmy Kabbara (Treasurer). Tripoli Association of Atlanta, INC, was officially founded and registered on August 27th, 2018. The Association operates under the law provisions of the State of Georgia, USA Non-profit corporation code and under section 501 © (3) of the Internal Revenue Code W99 Public, Society Benefit, Multipurpose and Other N.E.C.

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